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Self Esteem

Girl Power is a psychoeducational group for adolescent girls ages 12-17. Girl Power is interactive and designed to promote girls’ self-esteem. The girls in this group are involved in activities, guest speakers, discussion and field trips that are designed to empower teen girls to take an active interest and effective change in the community as well as their own lives.

You can find out more about this group at:

General Tips for Teaching your Teen about Self-Esteem

1. Stay positive when talking to your teen. It’s okay if you get angry from time to time, just remember that constant negativity will send the wrong message.

2. Promote a healthy lifestyle. If you engage in healthy activities with your teen, rather than just advising them to do it on their own, it will set a good example.

3. Teach your teen to accept themselves. Let them know that failure is a part of life, and dealing with it in a positive way will help them in the long run.

4. Celebrate your teen’s good decisions. If your teen is excelling in school, getting involved with healthy activities, or just making good choices – let them know!

5. Let your teen know they’re good enough. Teenagers have a difficult time dealing with what’s expected of them among their peers. Make sure to tell them that they don’t need to impress anyone besides themselves!

6. Help your teen develop their strengths. If you notice something your teen may be interested in, get them involved.

7. Help your teen set realistic goals. Explain that achieving goals takes time and effort. Emphasize that these goals can be reached even if there are hiccups along the way.

8. Use mistakes as a learning tool. If your teen experiences failure, use that to guide them in the right direction. Be sure to explain that this happens to everyone, even you!

Oh My Girls (OMG)

Multiple Locations:
140 Jericho Turnpike | Syosset, NY | 516-802-5800
516-802-5800 |

Oh My Girls!™ is the *first-ever* healthy living center for girls. It offers uniquely styled programs specifically designed to help developing girls stay fit and fabulous for life. Offerings include fitness classes (Zumba, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, cardiodance, and more) and hands-on, healthy cooking classes (international, vegetarian, gluten-free, and healthy baking.) Also offered are a wide variety of workshops focused on the social needs of girls that guarantee to help your daughter become her greatest self.

Parenting Groups


The mission of the Long Island Parenting Institute (LIPI) is to enhance outcomes for children by helping parents of children of all ages learn and practice effective parenting skills. Using research-proven curriculum and approaches, LIPI teaches, supports and empowers families from all socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. LIPI offers a wide range of multi-session classes, one-day workshops, and other training formats covering topics of interest to parents (i.e. positive communication, cooperative parenting, computer crimes, and advocacy in the schools, children’s mental health, and more).

LIPI collaborates with various other service providers on Long Island to offer needed services for families. Services can be provided at community centers such as libraries or other social service agencies to facilitate access to information and support. Furthermore, LIPI works closely with the Department of Social Services and Family Court to assist families seeking training and information about parenting and child development.

Contact Info:
3555 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite B Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 (631) 737-1454
Program Contact: Kathryn Cannino, Program Director

Child Care Council of Suffolk works with many other agencies on Long Island to make parenting resources available to you. Below is a list of some of these programs. Please call them if you need more resources.


1. Family Service League has offices all over Suffolk County. Their Healthy Family goal is improve child health and growth, support better parent-child relationships, and improve the way a family functions on its own. Their parenting classes are in both English and Spanish. They also have court ordered classes. There is a program for grandparents or other guardians raising children. 

Phone: 631-369-0104


2. Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Human Development Program has skill training and helps parents and others who work with children, youth and families. CCE offers classes at its Education Center on Griffing Avenue in Riverhead, at the Suffolk County Farm and Education Center in Yaphank, and at different places all over Suffolk County. 

Phone: 631-727-7850 ext 330

3. Adelphi University in Garden City, NY has a Parenting Center which provides education, resources and support to young and growing families. They have educational support groups for parents to go to with or without their children. These classes cover everything from single dads, juggling work and family, and how to handle the terrible twos. 

Phone: 516-877-3060

4. Long Island Parenting Institute is in Ronkonkoma, NY and helps parents of children of all ages learn and practice useful parenting skills. They offer classes on how to prevent child abuse, online safety for children and many other classes. Some are more than one day and others are one-day workshops. They also have court ordered parenting classes. 

Phone: 631-737-1454

5. Smithtown Parent Resource Center has a few different programs. They have court ordered parenting classes. The Parent Study Group is a group of six weekly classes for parents of children who wish to learn and talk about new ways of dealing with their family. They are designed around the needs of the parents in the group. Guiding Good Choices is an alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention program. The Incredible Years focuses on improving positive parenting skills. 

Phone: 631-360-7595

6. Middle Country Public Library often has workshops on various topics of interest to parents. 

Phone: 631-585-9393 ext. 262 

Groups for Your Teen

Smithtown Youth Bureau 

The Smithtown Youth Bureau is responsible for planning and supporting programs and opportunities for young people and their families. Youth projects are researched and developed with the assistance of the Town Youth Board. 

The Youth Bureau administers the Parent Resource Center, offering support and education to parents in addition to providing youth development programs and opportunities for students throughout the Town of Smithtown. These programs are funded by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, The Suffolk County Youth Bureau and the Town of Smithtown.

They are currently seeking interested high school aged students and adults to join their active town wide Youth Advisory Board. Please call the Youth Bureau at (631) 360-7595 for more information.

124 West Main Street 
Smithtown, NY 11787 
Tel (631) 360-7595 
Fax (631) 360-7687 

Smithtown Veterans’ Youth Program 

The Smithtown Veterans’ Youth Program, Inc. (SVYP) is dedicated to teens of all communities to give them a place to go, people to talk with, and help guide them from illicit behaviors. 

Contact Info:
Their phone number is 631-360-2690.
Their e-mail address is SVYPNY@GMAIL.COM 
Their mailing address is PO Box 504, Smithtown, NY 11787