Project Procedures

Third Visit

About 18 months after your second visit, a member of our team will be calling your family to set up your next visit to campus.

For Teens

This visit will be very similar to your second visit but will take a little longer this time. You’ll be asked to complete the same questionnaires and interviews as your last visit, but we will also be repeating the EEG that you did from the first time you were here.

The interviews involve questions about your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and life events since the last time we spoke to you. The questionnaires we’ll ask you to complete are about your personality and daily life. As always, you are free to skip any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering. Everything you say to us is confidential, unless it involves you or someone else being in danger. For completing all portions of this visit, you’ll be paid $130.00.

The EEG will involve you wearing a small cap with sensors places around your head and eyes so you can blink freely. We will use some water soluble gel on the cap as well to provide a better connection for the sensors. You will be able to wash this out of your hair as soon as we are done with the EEG. While you have the cap on, you will be playing some games for the chance to win some extra money!

 For participating in this visit by your due date, you’ll be entered into our project’s raffle. You’ll be given a ticket that we ask you to hold onto until our drawing. We have a drawing every 6 months. You can win either a $100 iTunes or Amazon gift card! We’ll post your ticket number on our website’s “Updates” page so keep your eyes peeled and try not to lose your ticket!

For Parents

Your portion for this visit will take the same time as last time; about 1 hour and 20 minutes. You’ll be asked to complete the same questionnaires and interviews as last time, again focusing on your daughter. We’ll ask you to tell us about your daughter’s personality and daily life, your relationship with other family members, and update any new contact information you may have.

For completing all parts of this visit you’ll be paid $30. You’re free to stay in any of the waiting areas of the hospital (including the cafeteria or Starbucks!), but because your part will take much less time than your daughter’s you are welcome to leave and return when she is finished if you are both comfortable with this.