Project Procedures

Fourth Visit


This visit will be very similar to your last visit and will include completion of questionnaires &  interviews, an EEG and some biological measures.

The interviews involve questions about your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and life events since the last time we saw you. The questionnaires we’ll ask you to complete are about your personality and daily life. As always, you are free to skip any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering. 

The EEG will involve you wearing a small cap with sensors placed around your head and face. We will use some water soluble gel in the cap to provide a better connection for the sensors. You will be able to wash this out of your hair as soon as we are done with the EEG. While you have the cap on, you will be playing some games for the chance to win some extra money!

The biological measures will include a small blood sample (about 3 tablespoons worth) and a small hair sample. All blood draws are done by trained phlebotomist and will be used to measure levels of gene expression naturally produced by your body. The hair sample is collected by our trained staff members and is used to measure levels of stress hormones (AKA cortisol). The hair sample is about 5 mm in diameter (roughly the thickness of a pencil eraser) and is taken from the back, underneath part of your hair (don’t worry, this doesn’t leave any bald spots or noticeable difference in your hair). Of course,  just like every part of the visit, these two things are completely optional!   

For completing all portions of this visit, you’ll be paid $200.00.


Right now we are just seeing the girls, but if things change we will be in touch!